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06 March 2018

Spread the Joy

A quick 6x6 piece made for the #ArtfulEvidence challenge.

The theme this week is

Adventure is always close at hand

The base is Mixed Media paper by Daler Rowney.

I also used
an image from a magazine
words from a newspaper
image from a notebook
Liquitex Clear Gesso
a Tim Holtz Paper Doll
Dylusions Black Paint Pen
Stabilo All Black Pencil
tissue tape by Tim Holtz

02 March 2018


This a collage page in my Wanderlust 2018 journal.

During the week it was International Hygge Day,
so I wanted a page to reflect this.

Using inspiration from Eliza's Art Jar prompts,
I combined it with a page reflecting a portrait of me,
using another Wreck this Journal page.

This week I have been trapped at home due to heavy snow.

A perfect time to escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life,
as it forced me to rest & reflect,
to be patient,
to refill my jar of hygge.

01 March 2018

'Tis the Season to Grow

This is my One Word card for March.

My word is

March sees bright flowers bursting into colour,
from those tempting green shoots of February.

Crocus flowers
take over where the Snowdrops have been.

Bright sunshine yellow Daffoldils
gently nod their heads in the cool Spring breeze.

The Lilac buds grow even plumper &
little green buds appear on the Silver Birch branches,
soon to unfurl into glossy green leaves.

With March comes hope,
it marks the start of Spring
with all the promises of new life appearing
from the sleepy depths of Winter.

As we awake from the still quiet rest of Winter,
this is a month to grow ourselves,
to continue to become all we hope to be.

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28 February 2018

Romance & Roses

A quick 6x6 piece made for the #ArtfulEvidence challenge.

The theme this week is

There should always be a little romance in February.

The base is Mixed Media paper by Daler Rowney.

I also used
patterned papers
book text
cotton thread
Glossy Accents by Ranger
white Mulberrry Paper
Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils
a Tim Holtz Paper Doll

24 February 2018

Dreamer of Dreams

This is my last collage page in my Wanderlust journal
for this month's theme of castles,
inspired this week by Kasia Avery.

I am using another page from my Wreck this Journal book.
This page is Figure Out A  Way To Freeze This Page,
so I thought I would freeze it in time,
as Kasia's lesson was about travelling back in time
to an imaginary life ...

Be a Dreamer of Dreams
never stop dreaming.

I have used three magazine images,
a Tim Holtz Paper Doll,
an off cut of the castle wall image from last week's lesson.
one image from Eliza's collage collection
& added shading with a black Stabilo pencil.

16 February 2018

Time to Remember

This is another collage page in my Wanderlust journal,
inspired this week by Carolyn Dube's lesson.

This month's theme is

I used the image of a castle wall
& a group photograph both supplied by Carolyn.

The rest of the images are from Eliza's collage collection.

Finally I added some washi tape.

I may go back to add some shading with a Stabilo All pencil,
I'm currently unsure as to whether it needs it.

The result is certainly not as colourful as Carolyn's example,
but I enjoyed watching her lesson none the less.

21st February 2018

I went back to add in a little shading.

The main area I wanted to define was the man's white shirt,
 against the pale postcard image.

I then did the same to the three figures next to him.

If you compare the two photographs,
although the effect is subtle,
you can see the difference.

05 February 2018

Castle of Dreams

This is another collage page in my Wanderlust journal,
inspired by Jamie's video & Eliza's mini Art Jar for February.

This month, the theme is

I took additional inspiration from a song by Theo Katzman
& a quotation I found by George R R Martin (Game of Thrones).

"Different paths may sometimes
lead to the same castle."

I chose this quotation for various reasons.

It follows on from last months theme of
Paths & Roads.
Sometimes, instead of following the crowd,
it is more important
to take our own route to get to where
need to be.

I printed out one of my own photographs, from a trip to Portugal & some text,
but the rest of the images are from Eliza's collage collection.

I added some abaca ribbon & string for texture,
with some shading from a black Stabilo All pencil.

01 February 2018

A Small Word with a Big Impact

This is my One Word card for February,
continuing with a project which began
in a 2017 Wanderlust class, with Kasia Avery.

My chosen word is

An obvious choice for the month
when we celebrate our loved ones
on Valentine Day,
but love extends to all those we have contact
& connections with, including ourselves.

Sometimes, the hardest person to love is ourselves,
we are more critical than of our friends,
& less forgiving than to our enemies.

This month, let's treat ourselves with love,
with the respect we give so freely to others
& maybe, just maybe, that will make all the difference.

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31 January 2018

Your Life in Your Hands

Another piece in my Wanderlust art journal,
this time inspired by Kasia's lesson.

The images on the first page were taken from a magazine,
as per her prompt.

They were too large to fit on my page, so I photographed them,
then imported the image into a Word document to reduce the size.

I  also flipped the image around,
so that the eagle was flying in the opposite direction,
mainly for visual balance,
but also figuratively as it is now flying
towards the future, not the past.

My poem was written using the three prompts of
past * present * future

I am using spare pages from my Wreck this Journal book,
for collage pages for the Wanderlust course this year
so for the second page the
trace your hand
page seemed apt.

The hand, one of Eliza's collage images,
was outlined with a black Stablio All pencil
& lightly blended with a water brush.

The butterfly image was also from Eliza.

*   *   *
it was another time & place
a different world
filled with tired shadows &
fading voices of yesterday

whilst blackbirds sing in the sunshine
I sit quietly with my thoughts
resting deeply in contentment
in this moment, here, today

my hopes with freedom soar so high
across the seas & through the sky
read my words, hear my voice, listen to my story
tomorrow, her arms wide open, beckons me

*   *   *

17 January 2018

The Journey

Another piece in my Wanderlust art journal,
this time inspired by Jamie's video.

I am using spare pages from my Wreck this Journal book
& these two pages seemed to fit well with the wandering path theme.

commit to your journey
believe in yourself
plan & prepare for success
good things come to those who try
Take one step at a time
there will be many steps on your journey

make sure your destination is somewhere you want to go
ensure that you can measure your progress
accept the fact that you may not see progress with every step
(& that you may make mistakes along the way)
when you achieve a goal, take a moment to celebrate
some days you will just need to stop to have a rest

I printed out text & cut out four circular shapes from kraft paper.

The path was drawn in with a black Stablio All pencil
& blended with a water brush.